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Run Mobile Shortcode marketing and Digital campaigns with us at BTOZIK. Also, adapt your Traditional campaigns on mobile platforms. We reach the right audience on their mobile phones via shortcodes, social media, and web platforms. Reach us today. Our campaign solutions are unique to Africa. In partnership with you, on mobile platforms, we customize Digital and Traditional campaign solutions whether they are Web campaigns (e.g. social media), Traditional media campaigns (e.g. Radio) or road campaigns (e.g. public sensitization). Whether on mobile phones, Social media, or Web platforms, our campaign solutions are about ‘reach’ and ‘inclusion.’ We have campaign models of awareness, lead generation, and conversion, for Businesses, Government, and Consumers.

“Our Traditional campaign models are the real deal. We reach the target market in real-time.”

“We keep your campaigns entertaining. We are always on the Road. We meet the target market on the Go!”



We take pride in our relationship model. We engage with you, the clients, to ensure we understand your needs and market audience. We look forward to partnering with you and adding value to your Businesses or Campaigns.

Working with your budget, our mission is to get your products and services and your agenda to the right target audience. As we are pioneers of value added service innovations, take advantage of our cost-effective smart Short code marketing solution described below.

USSD/IVR based Inclusive solutions

Shortcode: Inclusion

In over 40 sectors of the economy (e.g. Health, Security, Financial inclusion, and Basic needs), we innovate with shortcodes to solve the world's most pressing inclusion problems. We create access and convenience on shortcodes that are inclusive for the Target audience. Network with us to discuss and take advantage of our inclusion models.

Also, we pioneer marketing on shortcodes (e.g. Shortcode My Business). For example, in Nigeria, Shortcode My Business has a potential reach of over 250 Million+ mobile phones. It is non-invasive marketing that ensures that the target audience is not disturbed with unsolicited messages or spontaneous SMS charges. Also, the onboarding of businesses on our shortcode marketing platform is cost-effective such that any business can plugin and run a campaign according to their budgets.

Shortcode Marketing

USSD Marketing Channel -*USSD#
Businesses: Easy onboarding of products, services, and unlimited offers on the USSD
Subscribers: Only a click away to have access to unlimited offers
Onboard (USSD Protocol)
Onboarding products and services on the USSD starts at NGN 30, 000
Onboard/Target reach (SMS Protocol)
Pay according to Budget as low as NGN2.30k per MO/MT SMS
Activity Driven
The Audience gets to see marketing notifications on their mobile phones on various active USSD and SMS requests initiated by the audience.
The Audience gets to see notifications on their mobile phones at mobile activity peak times.
Location Finder
The Audience gets to see addresses and location of SMEs and the tracking’s via Google Map
Do Not Disturb Options
Subscriber’s on the Do not Disturb List (DND) are exempted as recommended by the Nigeria communication commission (NCC). Also, uninterested audiences are provided access to the DND options on our USSD protocol.

Frequently Asked Question FAQs

The BTOZIK Short code Marketing also known as “Shortcode My Business” provides a platform where businesses such as SMEs can campaign their products and services – including the location, new pricing, and FMCG analytics – to a target Audience. Onboarding on the Marketing short code is subsidized such that anyone can launch a campaign.

Other campaigns that can be launched include New Products, New Services, Discounts, Vouchers, Coupon, Tickets, Enterprise notifications, New Repackaging, Events, and location, etc.

Launch a campaign on any of the USSD channels. For example, you can launch on the USSD response channel and the USSD-sms-response channel. Simply, send us a brief, here.

To list a business on the Short code means to provide detailed information on your business via the SMS Channel. In other words, you’ll interact with the short code via SMS and provide the following details: Business name, Location, Product and Services, etc. (as may be requested).

On, the other hand,

To run a campaign means to provide the following campaign information via the SMS Channel: Discounts and Offers, New Products, and Services, Pricing, Events, Promotions, and anything new about the business, etc. (as may be requested).

Listing on the short code is specifically open to SME’s, and Micro businesses. However, running campaigns on the short code is specifically targeted at Enterprise Units. Nevertheless, SME’s and Micro businesses can also run campaigns on the Short code.

Being an SME or Micro business, you can List your business or run a campaign on the Short code via your Airtime at the going rate launched on the short code.

Being an Enterprise unit, you can run a campaign on the short code via negotiations with the creators of “Short code My Business” or make payment online on the website provided to launch campaigns.

If, onboarding products and services via the USSD channel, it goes for as low as NGN 30, 000 or more depending on the product or brand. However, USSD onboarding for premium brands or running a premium service on the short code costs more.

Also, note that, the USSD channel can be onboarded using your Airtime on a Pay per Access or Pay per Subscription model.

If, onboarding products and services via the SMS channel, it goes for as low as NGN2.30k or less per Mobile originated/ and per Mobile Terminated SMS. In addition, onboarding via the SMS channel may vary depending on the going rate for SMS transactions. However, SMS onboarding for premium brands or running a premium service on the SMS platform costs more.

Premium brands are simply brands or products belonging to companies that have listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange or Businesses whose products and services are popular in the Nigerian Markets or International Markets.

You’ll be paying the basic subscription for onboarding the campaign also described as the campaign launch at NGN 30, 000 or more. Afterwards, you can choose to monetize or not monetize the campaign for your subscribers to have access (See further sections on monetization).

Please, note that as the sponsor of the campaign, you’ll bear the cost for onboarding products and services.

First, you’ll be paying the basic subscription for onboarding the campaign also described as the campaign launch at NGN 30, 000 or more.

Secondly, you’ll be paying for the SMS transport cost comprising of Mobile originator (MO) cost and Mobile terminated (MT) cost. For example, an MO cost is illustrated as “send PIZZA to USSD for 20% off your next order!” An MT cost is illustrated as “show this voucher number for 20% off your next order.” The SMS transport cost goes for as low as NGN2.30k per MO, and per MT, respectively, per SMS session. Depending on your budget, the number of SMSs to be transported would be calculated on these terms.

Please, note that as the sponsor of the campaign, you’ll bear the cost for onboarding products and services.

For Mini and Micro businesses, listing and Campaigns on the short code varies between one and two hours. What this means is that for mini businesses, your listings or campaigns get to be displayed on the short code for 1 hour. Micro businesses get display duration of 2 hours, SME’s get display duration of 3 hours, and premium or Enterprise businesses get display duration of 4 hours on the short code.

Although your listings and campaigns would be displayed according to set times of the day, however, peak times are only guaranteed for high bidders on the short code. Thus, the more you bid, the more your listings and campaigns would be displayed at peak times.

Peak times are periods during the day when people usually are most engaged with their mobile phones. Sometimes, it is the early hours of the day, at other times, it is mid-day, and at other times, it is hours of noon day time or early evening depending on environmental circumstances, behavior, seasonality and trends.

Bidding is based on artificial intelligence and open to enterprise units such that higher bidders get more display duration during peak times. Mini and Micro SME’s cannot bid, however, their business listings and campaigns would still be displayed on the short code but on non-peak times.

There are Smart bidding strategies you can choose on the website provided for launching campaigns on the short code. All bidding strategies are equally effective depending on your bidding strategy.

Target impression share is dependent on the amount you have budgeted to ensure that people see your listings or campaigns at the top of the short code menu.

Maximize clicks ensures that people who see your campaigns are directed to your platform from the SMS campaigns they receive.

Target Conversions bidding ensures that you get as many conversions as possible at the target SMS campaign you set. Depending on your budget, you may achieve your target or not.

Maximize Conversions automatically sets bids to help you get the most conversions for your campaign while spending your budget.

No, please. USSD response channel implements numeric Protocols to launch products and services. USSD-sms-response channel implements alpha-numeric Protocols to launch products and services. However, depending on your budget, you can subscribe to both solutions at the going rates.

Yes, launching can be monetized to reach the target audience. But, it’s not compulsory to monetize as a business, neither is it compulsory for the target audience to be monetized.

Monetizing a short code for marketing simply means that for subscribers to have access to campaigns, such as: unlimited notifications on products and services, on pricing, on FMCG analytics, and locations and any other business incentives and/or business caracteristics that you are marketing, the subscribers must be willing to pay for these Campaign notifications via their airtimes.

Also, as a Business, monetization also means that you can choose to onboard your products and services via your Airtime on the Short code.

No. The beneficiaries are the Telecom operators and/or Aggregators, and the content provider, BTOZIK.

Yes. For this option, which is via the USSD-sms-response channel, you’ll be paying the onboarding of your products and services and the cost of campaign SMS alerts the target audience receives and any other running costs determined by the Telecom operators and/or Aggregators.

As a Business, if you monetize the short code for marketing, you’ll be paying for only USSD configuration @ NGN 30, 000 or more depending on the product or brand or you can choose to subscribe your products or services on the Shortcode via your Airtime. For monetization, by choice, the target audience chooses to pay (via airtime) to receive the campaign alerts published to their mobile phones. Although cost effective, the downside is that it does not guarantee the proposed target reach. In other words, the subscribers might be unwilling to subscribe to receive the campaign alerts.

On the other hand, if you do not monetize the short code for marketing, it means that as a Business, you have opted to bear the cost of both the USSD configuration @ NGN 30, 000 or more and the cost for the SMS protocols or campaign alerts the target audience would receive. Although more expensive, it guarantees the assurance for reaching the proposed number of target audience according to your budget.

Yes, the unlimited offers or campaigns published to the mobile phones of the target audience depends on the number of campaigns launched on the USSD

No, please. If the unlimited offers are not monetized by a publisher, the sponsor of the campaign is paying for campaign alerts, thus, you are not required to subscribe. The campaign alerts would be published freely to your mobile phone.

But, if the unlimited offers are monetized by a publisher, then you have to subscribe at a given airtime-cost to receive these unlimited campaign offers.

You can subscribe for pay per access at a going rate, for example, at NGN 100 weekly, and NGN 200 Monthly or Daily subscriptions depending on the going rates, published.

As you go through the USSD or SMS or IVR Menu of the campaign, you’ll be notified if the campaign is monetized or not. Please, note that, been the target audience, if you subscribe to monetized campaigns, it will cost you a minimum airtime charge. However, non-monetized campaigns is free and will not cost any airtime charges.

As many campaign notifications as possible running weekly or monthly or daily as published by businesses. The unlimited access expires at the end of the subscription period.

For NGN 200, you get at least, up to 20 SMS notifications or more. For NGN 100, you get at least up to 10 SMS notifications or more. Nevertheless, these SMS notifications may be less; it however, depends on the availability of the unlimited offers published on the short code platform.

Typically, campaign notifications would be published between 9 am and 7 pm.

Yes. To stop campaign notifications, simply send stop to the Marketing short code (USSD) to cancel campaign alerts or terminate Auto-renewals or send Help to 2442 and select any of the options to opt out of the category of campaign notifications.

Please, first, send an email to ogom.kennedy@btozik.com and be patient for a response, if not satisfied with the stated response, call the NCC on 622 to resolve issues.

Terms & Conditions

1.1. “Data” means the information received from users that have utilized the Service on the BTOZIK platform.
1.2. “Parties” shall refer to BTOZIK Limited and the users collectively. “Parties” shall refer to BTOZIK Limited and the users individually.

1.3. “Service” means the access to unlimited offers or campaigns on products and services – including the location, new pricing, and FMCG analytics and the businesses characteristics – in the Nigerian market or international markets where the service is so specified.

1.4. ” Short Code Marketing or Short Code My Business or the marketing short code” means the approved four (4) digit USSD short code or IVR or any number of digits approved by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and used by BTOZIK for short code and IVR marketing services.
1.5. “Registration” means the process required for a user to opt-in for the service and to be subsequently engaged with access to unlimited offers, based on information provided to BTOZIK.

1.6. “Unlimited offers” means discounts, vouchers, new pricing, and incentives, and the locations of products, services, and any new opportunities and characteristics of businesses, brought to the mobile subscribers awareness on mobile phones as marketed by a business, an individual, an institution or entity. It is unlimited because it is all inclusive depending on the offers marketed or obtainable. This shall be applicable to users who successfully obtain the unlimited offers as published on the USSD or SMS. The Marketing of Unlimited offer does not include (except subject to verifications and approvals from the appropriate authorities) promos, or games with the elements of chance winnings or any other advertisements that promotes opportunistic winnings, particularly in monetary terms.

1.7. “URL” means Uniform Resource Locator, which is the address of a World Wide Web page.
1.8. “User” refers to any BTOZIK subscriber, whether individual or businesses that registers on the platform to utilize the Services on the short code platform.
1.9. “Publisher” refers to any BTOZIK subscriber, whether individual or businesses that consents or agrees to publish its products and services on the short code platform to utilize the Service.
1.10. “USSD” means Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, which allows the User to send short command messages from their mobile phones in order to access the Services through a secure gateway.

1.11 “IVR” means interactive voice response system, which allows the User to send short command messages from their mobile phones in order to access the Services through a secure gateway.

1.12 “SMS” means Short Message Service, which allows the User to send short command messages from their mobile phones in order to access the Services through a secure gateway.

2.1. BTOZIK agrees to provide the Service and the User and/or Publisher agrees to the terms and conditions specified in this document and on the BTOZIK website and indicate such acceptance by either subscribing to the short code or IVR service or SMS service or registering on the BTOZIK website (www.btozik.com) or any other BTOZIK registered website for the Service.
By subscribing to the Service, the User and/or Publisher consents to the Terms and Conditions set out herein.
2.2. Consent of the User and/or Publisher shall commence upon an application for the Service and shall subsist throughout the period of subscription to the Service and shall only be vitiated by a written instruction from the User and/or Publisher.
2.3. For all intents and purposes, by subscribing to the Service the user and/or publisher unequivocally gives consent to BTOZIK to collect, process, share with third Parties or adapt the Data provided by the User and/or Publisher on an unrestricted basis.
2.4. BTOZIK may disclose the User’s and/or Publisher’s information if required to do so by law.
2.5. An agreement between BTOZIK and the User and/or Publisher is deemed established upon completion of the Registration processes outlined in Clause 2.1 above. This document and its applications (hereinafter collectively referred to as the ‘agreement’) supersedes any and all other agreements explicit or implied between the User and/or Publisher and BTOZIK with regard to the Services.

3.1. Upon acceptance of the agreement by BTOZIK and once the registration process is successfully completed:
3.1.2 The User and/or Publisher hereby grants to BTOZIK the full right to use all Data provided on the BTOZIK Short code marketing platform in any Data collection process as required for market research or marketing purposes
3.1.3. The User and/or Publisher further permits that any data so supplied can be shared with any enterprise in an anonymous form at BTOZIK ‘s discretion.
3.1.4. The User and/or Publisher agree that no claim shall be brought against BTOZIK as a result of a misuse of any Data provided by the User and/or Publisher or loss thereof.
3.2. The User and/or the publishers on the BTOZIK short code marketing platforms accepts full responsibility for the form and accuracy of Data provided on the BTOZIK Short code marketing platform and shall not submit Data that:
i. impersonates or harass any other person or business
ii. is or the disclosure of which would be libelous, abusive, threatening, false, fraudulent, misleading, or obscene; that misappropriates or infringes any person’s or business proprietary right (including posting any links or URLs that the User and/or Publisher has no right to post or disclose);
iii. violates any person’s or business rights of privacy or publicity or constitutes a nuisance to subscribers,
iv. contains any sexual, racist or discriminatory content constituting harassment of any individual or organization;
v. constitutes or violates any law, statute, ordinance or regulation including applicable export control, consumer protection, unfair competition, anti-discrimination or false advertising laws. Without limiting the foregoing, the Users and/or Publishers specifically agrees to comply
with all applicable laws regarding the transmission of the technical data exported from Nigeria or the country in which the User reside;
vi. releases, posts, distributes or executes any viruses or other harmful computer code on the BTOZIK platform; or
vii. that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other proprietary rights of any third party; or
viii. could lead to “spamming,” transmission of “junk mail”, and “chain letters”, unsolicited mass distribution of e-mails or any similar conduct

The User and/or Publisher acknowledge and agree that the form and nature of the Service which BTOZIK provides may change from time to time without prior notice to the User and/or Publisher. Nothing in this T and C shall create or be deemed to create a partnership between the Parties. If any of the provisions of this T and C is or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired.

The Parties agree that the Reward made available by BTOZIK or the Publishers to the User for their subscriptions to unlimited offers in line with this T and C shall be strictly limited to the incentives (e.g. airtime or data) within the discretion of BTOZIK or the publishers. However, the rewards of incentives are not compulsory and only made available at the discretion of BTOZIK or the Publishers of Unlimited offers. Nothing in this T and C presupposes any monetary grant or relief to a User and/or Publishers.

BTOZIK reserves the right to modify, enhance, discontinue and further develop the Service or its service offerings and contents on the BTOZIK short code marketing website any time without prior notice to the User and/or Publisher. The User’s or Publisher’s continued use of or non-termination of the Service shall be deemed to be acceptance of any changes in the cost for use of the Service.

7.1. The User’s attention is specifically drawn to the provisions of this Condition which limits the liability of BTOZIK.
7.2. Except as expressly set out in this condition, all warranties, terms and conditions, and representations, whether express or implied, and whether arising in contract or under common law or by statute are excluded to the fullest extent permissible by law.
7.3. BTOZIK shall not be liable for any direct or indirect or consequential loss or damage caused by delay or the non-availability or use of the Service and in particular (but without limiting the generality) shall not be liable for financial loss, loss of profit, loss of business or contracts, loss of opportunity or loss of operating time. The User and/or Publisher agrees that the Reward for the Service is uneconomical and commensurate with BTOZIK not being liable for any results or losses or damages arising in connection with the User’s use of the Service.
7.4. Due to the nature of the Service, BTOZIK shall not be held responsible for risks incurred through the use of the Service, as well as all risks associated with data security, privacy, availability and reliability of message processing and transmission. Thus, the User and/or Publisher is fully and exclusively liable for any and all risk resultant from the use of the Service.

BTOZIK shall not be liable for any delay or failure of the Service or for any loss or damage which may be incurred by the User or Publisher due to any cause beyond the reasonable control of BTOZIK including without limitation, act of God, inclement weather, failure or shortage of power supplies, flood, drought, lightening, fire, industrial action, act of emission of Government, highway authorities, public telecommunications operators or other competent authority, war, military operations, riot, difficulty or delay in manufacture or supply of any goods or services.

BTOZIK may suspend or terminate the Service, immediately and without notice:
9.1 if the User and/or Publisher commits any material or persistent breach of this T and C or fails to carry out any of its obligations under this T and C in a fit and proper manner or if the User and/or Publisher is guilty of any criminal offence which in BTOZIK’s opinion affect the User’s and/or Publisher obligations in terms of this T and C;
9.2 if the User and/or Publisher is implicated in malicious disruptions or damages to the Service or BTOZIK’s website. The User and/or Publisher shall be liable for all damages (whether direct or indirect) and associated costs resultant from such malicious activity

The information, media, systems, content and Services provided by BTOZIK through the BTOZIK website or short code platform or IVR platform or database platforms for the User’s and/or Publisher’s use, including all intellectual property rights therein, is the sole property of BTOZIK, and the User and/or Publisher shall at no stage acquire any rights therein or thereto.

11.1. The User’s address for the delivery of all notices, including any legal notices, shall be the physical address provided by the User when registering for the Service or reaching out in writing or via emails. BTOZIK’s address for the delivery of all notices, including any legal notices, shall be as follows:


BTOZ – Integrated Knowledge Limited,
Number, B4,
Ministry of Finance, Quarters,
Abuja, Nigeria.



11.2. A Party may at any time change that Party’s address on ten working (10) days’ notice in writing to the other provided that the chosen address consists of or includes a physical address. Any notice given in connection with this agreement shall be delivered by hand or be sent by registered post.
11.3. Notice as set out above shall be deemed to have been duly given if delivered on the first business day after the date of delivery and if sent by post ten working (10) days after posting.

Failure by either Party to exercise or enforce any right conferred by this T and C shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any such right nor operate so as to bar the exercise or enforcement thereof or of any other right on any later occasion nor shall any course of conduct between BTOZIK and the User and/or Publisher be deemed to modify any provision of these T and C. These T and C shall not be interpreted or construed to confer any rights or remedies on any third parties.

13.1. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigerian.

13.2. In the event of a dispute or difference between the Parties in connection with or in relation to this Agreement or its performance, construction or interpretation, the Party alleging the dispute shall provide a written notice, giving particulars of the dispute (the Notice of Dispute) to the other Party. The Parties each agree to appoint a representative at senior management level and to cause their respective representatives to meet as soon as possible, in an effort to resolve the dispute amicably, in good faith and with absolute fair play.

All such representatives of the Parties shall be referred to as ‘Settlement Nominees’ and the period agreed on for such discussion shall be referred to as “Period of Discussion”.

13.3. If the dispute is not resolved by formal negotiation as stated in Clause 13.2 of this section within fourteen (14) business days of the notice of dispute, the dispute shall be referred to mediation. The mediation shall be conducted by CEDR UK accredited mediators and the Lagos Multi Door Court House Model Procedure Rules 2007 shall apply.

13.4. If the dispute is still not resolved after fourteen (14) business days of its being referred to mediation as specified in Clause 3 of this section, the Parties agree to resort to arbitration.

The arbitration tribunal shall consist of one (1) arbitrator approved by both Parties, who shall preside over the arbitral proceedings.

13.5. In the event that the Parties fail or are unable to agree on an arbitrator, then either Party may request the Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, United Kingdom (Nigeria Branch) to appoint such an arbitrator and the said appointment shall be binding on the Parties. The proceedings shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, CAP. A18, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 or any amendments or re-enactments thereof.

13.6. The arbitration shall take place in Lagos. The language to be used in the arbitration proceedings shall be English. The cost of the arbitration shall be borne equally between the Parties to such proceedings, provided, however that each Party to the Arbitration proceedings shall be responsible for its own attorney’s fees, as well as the cost and expenses of any witness presented by such Party, regardless of which Party prevails. The Parties undertake to keep strictly confidential the contents of the arbitral proceedings.

13.7. Parties agree that the arbitral award shall be final.

The following terms and conditions of service (“T and C”) shall apply to the use of the BTOZ-Integrated Knowledge Limited’s (“BTOZIK)” Short Code Marketing (‘the Service). The T and C is a legally binding agreement between the User and/or Publisher and BTOZIK in relation to the User’s and/or Publisher’s use of the Service. By using and/or visiting this website, you signify your agreement to these T and C; if you do not agree to any of these terms of the T and C please do not use the Service.

All terms and conditions apply as stated in the frequently asked questions and in the overview page. The terms and conditions as stated can be reviewed and updated from time to time. All updates would reflect, here, and on other sections of this website, and/or media, and elsewhere.

BTOZIK reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Terms of Use, at any time. It is the User’s and/or Publisher’s responsibility to check these Terms of Use periodically for changes. The User’s continued use of the Service following the posting of changes will mean that the User accepts and agrees to the changes.

Copyright © 2019 BTOZ – Integrated Knowledge, Limited. All rights reserved.

No part of this document (Short Code Marketing or Short Code My Business) may be reproduced or transmitted or created or implemented or shared in any form or by any means, electronic, digital, mobile, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission and partnership (legal or otherwise) with the owner of the initiative, Mr. Kennedy Ifeanyichukwu Ezenwafor.
BTOZIK, Limited.

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